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Our hearing care specialists are dedicated and committed to providing safe hearing healthcare to all our patients.

As essential healthcare workers, we continue to offer a full hearing care service during Covid-19 lockdowns and we follow the existing government and hearing profession protocols to ensure we are practicing in a Covid secure environment. We are here to support you, and keep our hearing care specialists and our patients safe, following guidance from:

  • British Academy of Audiology
  • British Society of Audiology

The precautions we are taking

Screening questions
We follow government guidance in asking Covid-19 screening questions during all appointment confirmation phonecalls, made in the 24 hours before visiting. This ensures that anyone with symptoms or who has been in contact with someone with symptoms is advised to self-isolate.

Once these screening questions are completed, we advise you what to expect from your home appointment and the steps we are taking, for example, arriving at your door wearing a face mask, following you through the door and closing it behind us with you leading the way, and so on. This is to ensure you feel confident in having our hearing care specialist visit you.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • All our hearing care specialists are certified in PPE training for health workers.
  • They wear a face mask, gloves, and apron, and depending upon the procedure, also a face shield. This reduces the risk of transmission and provides a safe environment for face-to-face consultations.
  • All our patients are asked to wear a face mask throughout their appointment.
  • Disposing of PPE follows the clinical waste guidelines and is only used once.

Social Distancing
Whenever possible, we ensure we sit 2 meters away from you, and your family or friend member who we encourage to be with you during our visit, for your support. This social distancing is maintained whenever we’re not carrying out procedures on your ears.

All equipment is cleaned and sterilised before use during your appointment, and again after every appointment.

Assessing the Risk
Our hearing care specialists regularly undertake risk assessments to ensure our patient safety, and we regularly train our hearing care specialists in new procedures and guidelines.

Reducing transmission risk
Wherever possible, we operate a paperless system and use electronic signatures to reduce the risk of transferring the virus.

Remote care
Whilst we take every step to ensure everyone’s safety in face-to-face visits between our patients and our hearing care specialists, we also realise that in many cases, especially if a patient is shielding, that providing remote care is preferable.

That’s why we offer a range of remote hearing care services from your local hearing care specialist and from our patient support team, including:

  • Full aftercare support
  • Remote assist programming and hearing aid adjustments
  • Postal repair service
  • Postal hearing aid batteries and accessories service
  • Follow-up assessments by phone and video call
  • Video demonstrations on how to change hearing aid wax filters, domes and batteries

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