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If you have any concerns about your hearing, a hearing assessment can help put your mind at ease and get you one step closer to finding the right hearing care and solutions for your needs. Chat to one of our hearing care specialists for more information regarding ear examinations with a local audiologist near you.

Who needs to book a hearing test?

Have you noticed any changes in your hearing? Perhaps voices sound muffled, or you’re struggling to hear the television unless the volume is turned up to max. Are you experiencing ringing in your ears? You may need a tinnitus test. 

Hearing loss can be age-related — but it isn’t always. Genetics, illness, exposure to loud noises, and allergies can all impact your hearing.

A hearing test is beneficial to anyone who wants to check and improve their hearing.

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We’re the home hearing care experts, with over 20,000 satisfied patients and we cover 85% of mainland UK.

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Why get a hearing test at home?

If you’re concerned about your hearing but cannot access a clinic for a test or ongoing care, a home hearing test is an ideal solution.

With a home visit hearing test, there’s no need to worry about finding the clinic, parking, or turning up late. A qualified audiologist will come to you and conduct the assessment. It’s quick, convenient, and allows you to relax in the comfort of your own home. We feel that this is the best environment for a hearing appointment. After all, your home is the space in which you spend much of your time and experience sounds.

With Hearfocus, it doesn’t matter where you are — we can connect you with local professionals across the country. Find your local hearing specialist.

We can also independently help you find a hearing aid solution after your test.

How does a home hearing test work?

Once you’ve booked your home hearing test, you can sit back and relax. You’ll receive a confirmation call 24 hours before your hearing appointment to make sure it’s still a suitable time for you.

On the day, we’ll go through some questions so we can understand how your hearing loss is impacting your daily life.

Your home hearing care specialist will also use an otoscope to take a look at your ear canal. We’ll check for any wax build-up and look at the overall health of your outer ear and eardrum. If anything needs further investigation, we can make a GP referral.

After that, it’s time to test your hearing. You’ll put on some headphones so we can check how well you can hear sounds of different levels and pitches. We’ll also assess how well you can understand speech by checking how you pick up words and sounds at different volume and pitch levels. For more details, take a look at what to expect during your home visit hearing test.

From there, we can explore what kind of hearing support you may need. This may include discussing which hearing aids would be best for you. Your Hearfocus audiologist will also be there to support you with free aftercare services to ensure your improved hearing quality continues.

At Hearfocus, we offer free aftercare services to ensure your improved hearing quality continues. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or to book your home hearing test today.

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Tick boxes on the following questions:
Have you had a hearing test before?
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