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7 April, 2022 | Hearfocus

How to Tell Your Loved Ones They Need Hearing Aids

It can sometimes be difficult to accept that your hearing has deteriorated, even when it reaches the point where you could really benefit from some help. Let’s not forget that hearing loss can be gradual and can go unnoticed for a long time. That is until it starts to hinder communication with those around you.

With this in mind, don’t feel afraid to start the ‘hearing loss’ conversation with a loved one if you think it’s affecting them. Whether this is a parent, partner, another relative, or a close friend, starting the discussion is the first step towards getting treatment.

If you think a friend or family member is struggling with their hearing and should get hearing aids, you probably want to bring it up in the right way. Here are our tips on telling your loved one they could benefit from hearing support.

Choose a Good Time — One That’s Stress-Free With No Distractions

It will be easier to have this conversation when your loved one has some free downtime, isn’t preoccupied with other matters, and is open to having a frank discussion with you. For instance, it might be better to schedule a coffee catch-up at the weekend than to show up to their house unannounced when they’re working or have limited time.

Choose a calm environment with no distractions. Phones, TVs, music — turn them down or off. Try to grab some alone time without other people or little ones around to interrupt or change the conversation.

Show Your Concern and Support

It’s important to convey that you’re bringing up their hearing, not because it’s annoying you, but because you care about them. Rather than focusing on the hearing loss itself (no one likes to be told they can’t hear by someone else), highlight the areas that they could be missing out on. Have they stopped doing their favourite hobbies or going to clubs? Do they avoid chatting to friends on the phone because they struggle to hear?

You might want to ask them how they feel about their hearing quality. For instance, do they feel frustrated keeping up with group conversations? Do they feel hindered by poor hearing? This is a good time to highlight the advantages of hearing aids and how they don’t need to just tolerate their hearing loss. Reassure them that it won’t be a hassle to get a hearing test (they can even book a home hearing test) and find suitable hearing aids, such as a digital hearing aid.

Research the Hearing Support Journey

As you talk about the importance of accessing hearing care, your loved one is sure to have lots of questions. Obviously, you can’t be expected to be a hearing specialist, but knowing the steps they’ll go through to access hearing support can provide reassurance. If you’ll be helping them book hearing test appointments or attending them too, you’ll need to know this information soon anyway. Knowing about the causes of hearing loss, possible hearing solutions, and different hearing aid types will help you have a better discussion.

Book a Home Hearing Test with Hearfocus

At Hearfocus, we are independent hearing aid providers based in the UK. Our hearing specialists can visit your loved one in their home for a comprehensive home visit hearing test. We’ll be able to diagnose their specific type of hearing loss and find the best hearing aids for them. You’ll be pleased to know that we have specialists all around the UK (covering 85% of the mainland).

We also offer free aftercare services, giving you and your loved one peace of mind should any issues arise. Plus, we offer convenient finance options.

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