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Hidden Hearing Aids

Contrary to popular belief, invisible hearing aids do not necessarily cost more than other types of hearing aids. The price of the hearing aid is more dependent upon the technology than the size!

However, many people choose invisible hearing aids because they simply don’t want their hearing aid to be one of the first things people notice about them!

Invisible or In the Canal (IIC) or Completely-in-the-canal (CIC) digital hearing aids are the very smallest type of hearing aid available, and are custom made to fit inside the canal of the ear and be completely hidden, making them almost invisible.

10 benefits of invisible hearing aids and why they are so popular

  1. Suitable for most types of hearing loss – from mild to severe.
  2. Incredibly discreet and almost invisible in use as they sit completely inside the ear canal
  3. Easy to handle – with a thin clear plastic grip cord that makes them easy to insert and remove in your ear
  4. Extremely comfortable – being tailor made you’re assured of a bespoke fit for maximum comfort
  5. Wireless streaming – they can connect to your smartphone or most Bluetooth devices so you can stream calls and music directly into your ears
  6. Great if you wear glasses – or indeed a face mask! Because these aids fit inside the ear canal they don’t get dislodged easily like some other hearing aids.
  7. Natural, rich sound – they provide a very true reproduction of sound as nature intended and can differentiate between different noises and sources of sounds.
  8. Adaptable – they usually automatically adapt to your sound environment so you don’t need to adjust them manually.
  9. No wind noise – because they sit within your ear, they’re not likely to pick up wind noise.
  10. Complimentary to an active lifestyle –if you need to wear a helmet, headphones, headgear or are particularly sporty and active, invisible hearing aids won’t get in the way so are great for people with active lifestyles.

Your local hearing care specialist will help you choose an invisible hearing aid that best suits your needs, your lifestyle and your budget. We’re independent which means we provide a full range of all hearing aid types from all the leading manufacturers, unlike many hearing aid providers.

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