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We offer a quick and easy mail-order service to deliver batteries and accessories direct to your door with no fuss. We offer special deals on multiple packs of batteries, and post and packing is free when you spend £18 or over.

Visit our online shop, order by phone on 0345 602 5083 or by post using our battery order form.

Your Welcome back to better hearing – hearing care handbook, takes you through step by step how to change your hearing aid battery and wax filter. It also tells you the type of battery and filter you need to order when you need replacements. If you still experience problems after reading the instructions, simply give our Patient Support team a call on 0345 602 5083 and we can talk you through it or arrange for your hearing care specialist to come and see you.

The manufacturer’s warranty covers all components against malfunction, and ensures your hearing aid will be repaired if it stops working for any reason, or replaced if it cannot be repaired. This warranty does not cover accidental damage or loss, so we recommend you take out hearing aid insurance from our insurance partner, for your total peace of mind.

Ordinary household insurance policies may not give you the level of cover you need for the daily mishaps that can happen with your hearing aids, causing loss or damage. Our insurance partner, underwritten by Lloyds of London, offer all risks hearing aid cover you can trust. They cover accidental damage, loss and unexplained disappearance with new for old replacement. You can find out more on our hearing aid insurance page on our website.

For complete peace of mind and more information from our insurance provider on insuring your hearing aids, give us a call on 0345 602 5083.

This is fairly common whilst patients get used to their new level of hearing and their brain adjusts to the sounds around them. Your hearing aids are easy to adjust so don’t panic. Just give our Patient Support team a call on 0345 602 5083 and we’ll either adjust them remotely, as long as you’ve installed the app and have access to the internet, or we can book an appointment for your local Hearing Care Specialist to visit you.

This is often because the wax filter in your hearing aid needs changing and there is a wax blockage. Your Welcome – hearing care handbook shows you how to replace the wax filter, and replacement filters are available by post and can be ordered online or over the phone.

If you replace the filter and still find a problem with whistling, you might want to get your ears checked for wax by your GP, and syringed if necessary.

If your hearing aid takes batteries, it may be that you need to change the battery. Simply replace it and see if that solves the issue. If your hearing aid is rechargeable, it may be that the aid did not charge fully when you last put it on charge, so allow it to charge again for the maximum charging period as recommended by the manufacturer. You can also check that the wax filter for your hearing aid does not need changing.

Make sure you’ve placed your hearing aids into the charging unit, switched it on at the wall socket, that the power lead is securely connected to the unit, and that the charging light is flashing on the unit and the hearing aids. Your hearing aid app will tell you how much charge is in your hearing aids.

If you still experience problems and think there is a fault with your recharging unit, we will try and identify and rectify it. Just call our Patient Support team on 0345 602 5083.

Check and see if the grey part on your remote control has a central hole that looks like the charger unit. This is where you plug in your charger and leave it overnight. If there’s no hole, turn your remote control over and on the back there will be a dent or dip to ease the battery cover off. If you ease it open, you’ll see the two AAA batteries that you can replace.

It sounds as though the dome is not fitted on to the receiver securely. We can send a video demonstration showing you how to do this – email us at or call our Patient Support team on 0345 602 5083 and we’ll be happy to help.

If you think your hearing aid is broken, firstly make sure your hearing aid battery does not need changing or that your hearing aid doesn’t need recharging. It’s a good idea to check that your hearing aid is clean and that the wax filter doesn’t need replacing.

If this all seems in order and you’re still having problems, give our Patient Support team a call on 0345 602 5083. We’ll try and help you over the phone but if need be, we will of course send one of our Hearing Care Specialists out to your home to help you.

Your hearing aid comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, usually 2 years, during which time any repairs due to malfunction are covered. If repairs are needed outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period, or during it due to misuse, they are chargeable.

Yes, as long as you return it to us within the return period as stated in your order confirmation that you signed when you bought the hearing aid. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our hearing aids, so if you’re not happy and as long as you let us know within 30 days of fitting, we will refund you without quibble. If you decide to take us up on an offer of alternative hearing aids that might suit your needs better, your 30 days money back guarantee will start again from the date those are fitted. If you need more time, we can arrange it so you don’t feel rushed. Please rest assured that we will do all we can to help you find the best solution for your hearing and to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We provide free aftercare for life with all our hearing aids. That includes regular assessments of your hearing loss, servicing, cleaning and maintenance of your hearing aids and patient support from our Patient Support team and our Hearing Care Specialists. We can usually help you with any questions or problems over the phone or by email. We also offer video consultations. But if needed, we’ll come out to your home to help you, and it’s completely free.

We’ll endeavour to arrange you a mutually convenient appointment without delay. Our Patient support team and hearing care specialists usually see our patients within 5 working days of request. And whilst it can’t be guaranteed, we do our best to accommodate your needs on the day of week and time of appointment you need.

Your Hearing Care Specialist is always here to help you, but as they are helping many patients with their hearing, you may not always be able to get hold of them on their mobile phone number they might have given you. We recommend, in the first instance, you always call our Patient Support Team on 0345 602 5083 and they will be able to help.

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