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2 March, 2022 | Hearfocus

4 Signs You Should Book a Home Hearing Test

Identifying the signs of hearing loss isn’t always an easy task. Nevertheless, a hearing loss diagnosis is the crucial first step in accessing effective treatment and protecting your hearing health from further decline. A home hearing test can make the process less daunting.

Signs you could be experiencing hearing loss

You would think that hearing loss is always easy to recognise. However, it can develop slowly and affect people in different ways.

Specific situations can highlight troubles we’re having with our hearing. If the following experiences are familiar to you, it’s important to book a home visit hearing test as soon as possible.

You are often asking others to repeat themselves

Sometimes, people really are mumbling or are just too far away to hear. However, if you frequently miss snippets of conversation or feel the people around you are always speaking at a low volume, then you might be experiencing hearing loss.

You can’t hold a conversation in noisy settings

Likewise if you’re having difficulty holding a conversation in a noisy environment — like a busy cafe or shopping centre — this might be because you’re struggling to filter out certain noises and pieces of information.

This is a common symptom of hearing loss, but it is often attributed to the noise around you rather than poor hearing health. In reality, the noise is making an underlying issue more noticeable.

You frequently feel ‘one step behind’ in group conversations

At home, you can ask family members to repeat themselves and take conversations slowly. However, in group conversations, there are more voices involved and a faster pace of conversation. Do you struggle to keep up during group conversations at gatherings or social activities?

You have a history of loud noise exposure, a family history of hearing loss, or you’re over the age of 60

Lastly, some factors increase your chances of developing hearing loss. Many people with hearing loss are older or have a history of working in noisy environments. Likewise, those with a family history of hearing loss can be more susceptible to developing the same issue. Do any of these factors apply to you?

See more information on hearing loss here.

Why book a home visit hearing test?

Hearing clinics tend to use sound-treated testing rooms, which are artificial hearing environments without common, day-to-day noises. Having a hearing test in your home environment allows your hearing to be assessed against real-life noises that you interact with on a regular basis.

Some people also find that they are more comfortable having their test in familiar surroundings or with their family members present. Learn what to expect from your home hearing test.

If you suspect that you’re experiencing hearing loss, then it’s time to book a hearing test. One of our local hearing specialists will be able to test your hearing in the comfort of your own home, provide you with an accurate diagnosis and advise you on hearing care and treatment options. For instance, suitable hearing aids for your type of hearing loss.

Book a home hearing test with Hearfocus Specialists

At Hearfocus, we offer home hearing tests from our friendly team of fully qualified and accredited audiologists. We cover 85% of mainland UK and are proud to have helped over 20,000 satisfied patients. We also offer free aftercare for life, hearing support, and a money-back guarantee.

As an independent hearing aid provider, we can recommend digital hearing aids based on the best option for your specific needs, rather than which manufacturer we’re tied to.

Read what our patients have to say about their Hearfocus service and learn more about us or book a home hearing test today.


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