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Signia believe that what they produce is not about correcting a loss, it’s about gaining an edge. Not just performing, but performing brilliantly. Not just hearing again, but hearing better than ever. Signia understand that people with hearing loss do not want to feel old – they want hearing aids that match their active lifestyle and can-do spirit.

Signia’s revolutionary Xperience platform with the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors gives hearing aids a new sense to understand what their wearer really needs to hear.

We offer a wide range of Signia’s hearing solutions that they’ve developed to aim at those who value discretion above all, those who value sleek design combined with rechargeability, and those who don’t want to compromise on their active lifestyle just because of hearing loss.

The Signia hearing aid range includes:

  • Signia Xperience
  • Signia Active
  • Signia Active Pro
  • Styletto X
  • Silk X
  • Pure Charge & Go X
  • Pure 312 X
  • Motion X
  • CROS X
  • Augmented Xperience
  • Pure Charge & Go AX
  • Signia NX
  • Styletto Connect
  • Pure 10 Nx
  • Pure 13 Nx
  • Motion 13 Nx
  • InsioNx ITC/ITE (Bluetooth)
  • InsioNx IIC/CIC
  • Intuis 3
  • Prompt

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