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Starkey are dedicated to delivering the best hearing experience possible and their motto is ‘Hear better, live better.’ Starkey believe being able to hear the people and world around us is as essential to the human experience as breathing. As a world leader in the manufacturing and delivering of advanced hearing solutions, they advocate that hearing is key to our health and happiness.

Starkey has helped millions of people with the technology it has developed, including the world’s first in the canal hearing aid and the first custom, digital and fully programmable invisible hearing aid. In 2010, Starkey launched wireless hearing aids which mean users can stream stereo sound from their TV or music system directly into their hearing aids.

We stock a wide range of Starkey hearing aids, including rechargeables and the popular Livio range and Livio Edge with game-changing sound performance, and a speech booster specifically aimed at helping you hear speech comfortably even in busy settings, and making it easier to hear people who are wearing face masks.

The Starkey hearing aid range includes:

  • Livio Edge AI
  • Livio AI
  • Livio
  • Livio Edge

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