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11 October, 2021 | Hearfocus

Take a Step Back as The Clocks Go Back

As the pace of everyday life quickens again, and we prepare for the clocks to go back on 31st October, don’t forget to take a moment to step back this Autumn and think about your health, and what’s important to you.

As the weather worsens, we’re all naturally drawn indoors but don’t let the elements isolate you, or those you care about. Stay connected! Pick up the phone regularly to friends and family – and if you haven’t already been doing it this year, perhaps think about using a video chat like Zoon, Facebook, WhatsApp or Skype to stay that bit closer to those you care about.

Embrace nature and stay active

When you can, embrace nature and enjoy taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the world around you. Staying active is crucial to your physical and mental health – whether it’s an online fitness class or the daily crossword or suduko!

Don’t be shy at checking in on your neighbours, or asking them to check in on you if you’re feeling vulnerable or unwell. And if you’d like to get more involved in your local community, find out about local events and volunteering opportunities. It’s a great way of meeting people! Pop in and support your local cafes, shops and restaurants too. After being closed for a large part of this year, they’ll really appreciate it.

Take it easy

And finally, it’s been a tough year for us all, so take it easy on yourself. Put down your ‘To Do List’ and instead make a little ‘me-time’. Perhaps listen to an audio book and indulge in a long bubble bath! Most importantly, keep a check on your health and have regular check-ups.

If you have any concerns about your hearing health, just call our Patient Support team on 0345 602 5083, speak to us using our online live chat or speak to your local hearing care specialist.


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