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Your HearFocus Journey

The road to better hearing starts right here. We’re sure you’ll want to know a little more about what to expect, so before you begin your journey, we’ll give you a quick run through. Here are a few details about the different stages of the process, what we’ll need from you, and what we’ll do to ensure all your hearing needs are fulfilled.

STEP two
A bit about you

Our hearing solutions are always based entirely on your unique requirements. So first, we’d like to get to know you a bit better. We’ll need a couple of general personal details, such as your location and date of birth, and then we’ll move on to discussing how you’re getting on with your hearing.

Think of this as an initial screening. If you’re unsure about any specific details, don’t worry – your hearing test will come next. At this point, it would be great for us to know your current hearing status, the products you use, and your specific pain points. We’ll also ask a few other standard questions to gain as full an understanding as possible prior to your test.

sTEP three
Book a hearing test

Next, it’s time to book your hearing test. We’ll aim to get you booked in within the next two weeks, at a time that’s convenient for you. And it will take place at the most convenient location – your own home!

Our highly qualified audiologists come and visit you, so you don’t have to worry about turning up late or finding parking. As a reminder, we’ll give you a confirmation call 24 hours before. As well as making sure you’re still able to attend your appointment, we’ll need to ask some additional questions as Covid-19 precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.

PPE service appointment

Whether an audiologist is visiting you at home or you’re coming to us, we’re committed to making your safety our number one priority throughout. Your hearing professional will be wearing full PPE and following a number of other precautionary measures to keep any risk of Covid transmission to an absolute minimum.

Your free hearing test will be straightforward, and we’ll talk you through it step by step. But remember, this isn’t just our chance to ask you questions – you can voice all your concerns with us too.

After your test, we’ll set you up with a custom hearing aid solution, then carry out a trial to make sure it’s perfectly suited to your needs.

STEP five
Purchase or quote

When we’ve established which type of hearing aid you’ll require, and whether you’ll need one or two, we’ll provide you with a quote. Our audiologists will help you decide which hearing aid is right for you depending on your hearing loss, your preferences and your lifestyle. This is completely obligation-free, so don’t feel any pressure to purchase if you’d like some time to decide or you’re not fully satisfied.

If you’re happy with your hearing aid solution and would like to go ahead with the purchase, you’ll have the option to either pay upfront or through a flexible payment plan. Hearfocus will then order them for you straight away.

Stay in touch

One of our Audiology Support Assistants will be in touch five days after your first appointment to arrange when we can see you next.

During this second visit, we’ll fit and calibrate your hearing aids, as well as go through the instructions to help you get the most from the features available. You might have also thought of some additional questions since we saw you last. This is a great chance to clear up any concerns with the advice of our experts

STEP Seven
follow up

With this follow-up, we’ll also make sure you have everything you need in your Welcome pack left with you at the time of fitting or purchase by your local hearing care specialist. It contains your battery and accessory order form and all the details you need to access your free lifetime aftercare and patient support from this point on.

30 day money back guarantee

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our hearing aids, so if you’re not happy we will refund you without quibble. Please rest assured that we will do all we can to help you find the best solution for your hearing and to ensure your complete satisfaction and that’s why we’re rated Excellent by our patients on Trustpilot.

Patient Support

Your hearing health is really important to us and that’s why we offer a full suite of patient including:

  • Telephone support
  • Video support
  • Tele-health appointments with our Health Care Assistants
  • Live Assist which allows us to adjust your hearing aids remotely as long as you’ve downloaded the app and are connected to the internet.
  • Home aftercare visits

Free check ups for life

Under our free lifetime aftercare programme, you are entitled to FREE follow-up appointments, annual hearing health care check ups and hearing aid servicing – all in the comfort of your home. We never charge for a home visit – before or after your hearing aid purchase – unlike some hearing aid providers!

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